Craig D Baker - Chief Wizard

I am the oldest independent computer dealer (at over 35 years in business) that any of you will ever meet.

Yes - I was selling, fixing and programming computers, long before the IBM PC even existed!

In fact, let me tell you, THOSE were the days!

I was selling an IBM PC, with dual floppy disk drives, no hard drive (they had yet to be invented for the PC world), a Green (or Amber, your choice) Monochrome Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse.
ALL for $2500!

And I was making $800 PER COMPUTER - AND - best of all - I had the best price in town!
SHEESH. These days, you sell a system for $600 that is 1,000 times faster, and you’re lucky to make $100 on the sale :(

I have owned and operated my Computer Stores (CDB Systems Inc and Advanced MicroComputers) located in beautiful Colorado (Longmont/Boulder area).

I can help YOU with WHATEVER computer questions or problems you have!

Hardware, software, programming, security, it matters not - I’ve done it all!


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