In a word - I’m a true computer Generalist.

I can handle ANY computer issue you have.

  • I build excellent Servers (even the occasional New or Used system still!)
  • I handle repair on ANY computer.
    It matters not the brand or problem. That is hardware repairs and software repairs!
    Viruses, Spy-ware, Windows problems - are all no problem.
  • I do data recovery
    both when the software gets corrupted (all too common with spy-ware and Windows XP these days!) - AND when the hardware has failed. If the hard drive has failed (makes those wonderful clicking sounds or does not even spin up) I can get it rebuilt and the data recovered off it.
  • I’m a programmer
    Any language that you’ve EVER heard of and MANY that you’ve never heard of. Anyone remember DIBOL? (that should be a Trivial Pursuit question these days <grin>). Seriously, C,C++,Basic, VisBasic, VisC, Java, Assembler (a dozen processors), Lisp, FORTRAN, Pascal, PL/1. And many more I’ve forgotten.
  • I’m a network engineer and security analyst.
    Need a network installed? or debugged? or your servers hardened?
    Have a problem with hackers? or disgruntled employees?
    Linux or Windows - does not matter. I can help you resolve ANY such issues.
  • I’m an ISP
    We develop, and host websites for roughly 200 customers.
  • I’m a web developer
    I specialize in making INTELLIGENT websites. I hire graphics artist types as needed, but I put the smarts behind sites so that when you hit those buttons they do USEFUL (if not unique) functions! I specialize in web-enabled applications - shopping carts,
    databases and the like! And love to do UNIQUE sites with capabilities not seen elsewhere!
  • I’m a PowerSeller with considerable eBay expertise
    I’ve been a Powerseller for a LONG time (over 4 years). I have written a SUPER eBay related websites -
    If you BUY or SELL, these sites will interest you.

    Any questions? Feel Free to contact me below or click on the buttons to the left for more information:

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